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Summary: While wandering through the loneliest places of the world, to hide himself from humanity, Carlisle Cullen is encountered by someone who seems to know much more about his condition and chances than his own self.
Categories: Fanfiction, Más nyelven, Fanfiction > Könyv, Más nyelven > Angol
Characters: Nem
Műfaj: Novella
Figyelmeztetések: Durva beszéd
Series: Nem
Chapters: 1 Tartalom
Completed: Igen Word count: 1724 Read Count: 560
[Feljelentés] Published: 11/09/09 Updated: 11/09/10
Summary: Annabella Stokes seems to be a usual American girl, studying at a medical university. Until a certain day, when one of her professors makes a shocking discovery about something she couldn't even imagine. And bacause of that, at the same time they both drift into mortal danger.
Categories: Más nyelven, Más nyelven > Angol
Characters: Nem
Műfaj: Fantasy, Regény, Rejtélyes
Figyelmeztetések: Szereplő halála
Series: Nem
Chapters: 3 Tartalom
Completed: Nem Word count: 13192 Read Count: 2314
[Feljelentés] Published: 11/08/15 Updated: 11/09/01